All Wool and A Yard Wide - Softcover

All Wool and A Yard Wide - Softcover
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From SamSarah Design Studio
By Connor, Patti
In Quilting
This book uses #31032 Ackfeld Manufacturing 8in, 10in & 12in Stix Set. Author, Patti Connor writes: I have been in love with felted wool since my friends at Weeks Dye Works began dying it. When I was “only” a cross stitch designer, I would often make a design in both cross stitch and wool applique. The designs were sold in individual leaflets called Doubles.
At quilt market, shop owners asked me to compile all my wool designs in one book. I thought that was a great idea, but they wouldn’t all fit in one book, plus I wanted to add new designs too. This is the first of my wool books and includes fourteen wool applique projects in 32 pages. The illustrations are also perfect for hand or machine embroidery on cotton.
The not-so-primitive projects can be framed, sewn into pillows or displayed on a set of Ackfeld Stix. Weeks Dye Works over-dyed wool, Pearl Cotton and six strand floss are specified, but any wool and fibers can be substituted. Dyed buttons are from Hillcreek Designs.

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