101 Things to Do with an Envelope - Softcover

101 Things to Do with an Envelope - Softcover
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From Cico Books
By Brown, Denise
In Craft
Reach for this book before you reach for the bin. How many times have you been through your post, and ended up with a pile of barely marked envelopes? Are you organised enough to keep them for future use, do you throw them in the recycling bin, or do you start to wish there were more satisfying ways of reusing them? Whether you are stuck on a train, or just stuck indoors, you will find plenty of inspiration here to pass the time, and to empty your rubbish bin. There are instructions for making personal items such as jewellery, stationery from mini notebooks to business cards, household necessities such as jar labels and plant holders, things for kids to make and play with, and festive decorations for everything from Christmas to Valentine's Day, and Halloween. You can even recreate the Statue of Liberty from a plain paper envelope, or make something more elaborate from lined or coloured versions.
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