Art and Life Combined - Softcover

Art and Life Combined - Softcover
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From Cico Books
By Trench, Nicki
In Craft
Be inspired by this wonderful collection of mixed media projects In Art + Life Combined Linda Peterson has created a range of stunning art projects. Her creations, using a wide range of techniques, surfaces and materials, are born of her own personal journey. Linda uses art as a form of self-expression, as an aid to healing, sometimes as a means of escape, and often as a source of positivity and hope. By sharing her art, she hopes to inspire you to create art that is truly meaningful to you. Linda's projects include making an art journal using different textures and objects, and using found objects to create 3-D art to showcase personal ephemera. She sources unique surfaces, produces stunning wall art, and uses paper to make collages and decoupage. Linda also includes some fabulous mixed media jewelry so that you can literally wear your art! Part of the thrill is the hunt for unique finds - learn how to view objects with a creative eye so that you can repurpose them into art. Many of the materials used in this book can, however, be sourced from craft and hardware stores. Even if you are a beginner to art, you will feel at ease with Linda's projects. So be inspired, get started and have fun telling your own story through art.

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