Assorted Loom Set 7pc

Assorted Loom Set 7pc
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  • Item #: 3701010001
  • Manufacturer: Simplicity
From Simplicity
In Knitting & Crochet Accessories
BOYE-Assorted Loom Set. Knit without using knitting needles! This set of looms can be used to make hats; slippers; scarves; flowers; and so much more. Each one is made of brightly colored durable plastic and there are four different sizes and styles included. Complete package contents include one 12-peg loom (3-1/2 inch diameter); one 24-peg loom (5-1/2 inch diameter); one 36-peg loom (9-1/2 inch diameter); one 26-peg long loom (9 inches long); one loom hook; one yarn needle; and basic instructions.

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