Bright & Bold Quilts Gift Wrap

Bright & Bold Quilts Gift Wrap
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  • Manufacturer: C & T Publishing
From C & T Publishing
By Schaefer, Kim
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Give your gifts a bold, modern flair - wrap them in paper featuring gorgeous quilts by Kim Schaefer. This high-quality, luxurious, all-occasion paper is the perfect way to show off your love of quilting or to dress up any gift for a quilt lover. The whole book makes a great gift, too!

• 12 high-quality, tear-out wrapping paper sheets measure 20in x 30in - a total of 50 square feet, plus 12 gift tags!
• The collection includes 4 stunning modern quilts by best-selling author and quilt designer Kim Schaefer
• Book format protects unused sheets; slides into any bookshelf for easy storage 

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