Color, Block & Quilt - Softcover

Color, Block & Quilt - Softcover
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  • Manufacturer: Carolina Patchworks
From Carolina Patchworks
By Cier, Emily
In Quilting
Ever seen a super-auto-loco-ruption? How about a paleo-domus-esque? No? Well, learn how to make these and 2,206,264,748,501,248 more quilts in Color, Block & Quilt! Wait, really? Well, yes. Color, Block & Quilt gives a perspective on three different aspects of modern quilts — color schemes, block designs, and quilts — and then puts you in the driver's seat to come up with your own unique combination. Choose one of 15 color schemes inspired by the varied beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Next, pick and choose from 15 brand-new modern block designs, ranging from whimsically swooping curves to art deco-inspired tilings. Finally, pick a quilt design to serve as a framework for your creation. You'll have everything you need to fuse these elements together into a totally unique quilt project that's unlike what any other reader of this book will ever come up with. Think of this as your map. Bring along a little bit of creativity and a fondness for modern quilts, be ready for some fun along the way, and once you're done, you may just find yourself delighted with what you've created. For help in planning your quilts, check out the Color, Block & Quilt: Workbook CAPA0254
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