Cook Fresh Year-Round - Hardcover

Cook Fresh Year-Round - Hardcover
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Delicious has never been so good for you - and easy! Cook Fresh: Year-Round delivers simple seasonal recipes for made-from-scratch dishes that are perfect for busy weeknights. This boxed set of four miniature cookbooks (spring, summer, fall, winter) contains 200 recipes--50 per season--ideal for the home cook who wants to eat seasonal produce when it's at its peak.

All the triple-tested recipes from the Fine Cooking test kitchen use basic ingredients simply prepared and then combine them with interesting mixes of full-flavored fresh greens, fruits or vegetables for simple yet satisfying meals.

Presented with easy-to-follow directions, the recipes are perfect for someone with basic cooking skills, those just learning about how to eat with the seasons, as well as more accomplished cooks who are looking for inspiration. This small slipcase set is ideal for gift-giving too.

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