Crafting For Girls - Softcover

Crafting For Girls - Softcover
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Love crafting? Then you'll love these 35 projects, which are perfect to make at parties and sleepovers, or even just by yourself! Together with her friends, Charlotte Liddle has designed 35 projects, which are all easy to make, using a variety of crafting methods. If sewing is your thing, the picture cushion is a great way of capturing memories of fun times, or the fabric jewelry will make you stand out from the crowd with your own unique style. Those who are handy with needles and yarn will find knitting patterns for panda slipper socks, cozy mittens and a fashionable headband, while if you prefer paper crafts, you can create pretty paper bunting to hang up in your room, or photo accessories - glasses, bow ties, lips and mustaches - for when you're messing around with your camera. And there are even more crafts to try - from tie-dyeing a T-shirt to making nail polish jewelry. Divided into four chapters - For Your Bedroom, Clothes and Accessories, Jewelry and Party Time - the book also includes a techniques section to help you with anything you may be unsure about.
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