Crazy Quilt Handbook Revised 3rd Edition - Softcover

Crazy Quilt Handbook Revised 3rd Edition - Softcover
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From C & T Publishing
By Montano, Judith Baker
In Quilting
For nearly 30 years, The Crazy Quilt Handbook has been the essential guide to the fine art of crazy quilting. This newly updated edition brings you more of everything that makes crazy quilting wonderful: gorgeous stitches, embellishments, fabulous crazy quilt photos, and updated beautiful projects to make for yourself. Learn all the ways you can use crazy quilting to decorate clothing and accessories, beautify your home, share family memories, and create heirlooms for future generations. This is the must-have resource for any crazy quilter, whether you are just a beginner or are an experienced stitcher looking to enhance your technique.

• The best-selling crazy quilting guide from world-renowned expert Judith Baker Montano (over 230,000 copies sold!), now updated with new stitches and techniques
• Includes 12 beautiful projects, a dictionary of 37 embroidery and silk ribbon stitches, and instructions for additional embellishments
• Benefit from Judith’s wealth of knowledge on colors, fabrics, piecing, embroidery, applique, embellishing, beading, photography, painting, dyeing, and more

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