Crazy Shortcut Quilts

Crazy Shortcut Quilts
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  • Manufacturer: Krause Publications
From Krause Publications
By McManus, Marguerita & Raffuse, Sarah
In Quilting
Crazy Shortcut Quilts combines the look of a "Crazy Quilt" with the ease of quilt-as-you-go, so that every single quilt is unique and yet very easily made!

The quilt as you go process uses the decorative stitches of the sewing machine to do the quilting. There's no need to learn free motion quilting when your sewing machine can do all the quilting for you, using beautiful threads and decorative stitches!

From beginners to experts, all quilters will love the opportunity to have a finished quilt in just hours, using small, manageable pieces of fabrics that are joined in a unique and soft manner.

The book contains solid advice about fabric selection to coordinate your quilts with your home décor, and provides time estimates for finishing each quilt.

Learn how to make a gorgeous, reversible, quilt using fabrics that enhance your decor, quilted with all the beautiful stitches on your sewing machine.

Most quilt books teach you how to make just a quilt top, and offer no fabric selection advice.

Crazy Shortcut Quilts approaches quilting from a "new rules" point of view, teaching you about fabrics, cutting, a new way of creating a "crazy block", and unique quilting tips. The sashing method looks tailored and smooth, and yet is simple and easy!

Experience the joy of making your first completely finished quilt in a very short time, and the satisfaction of finally having a use for all the gorgeous decorative stitches that you sewing machine has!

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