Cute and Simple Woodworking - Softcover

Cute and Simple Woodworking - Softcover
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From Cico Books
By Burt, Jennifer & Teague, Joanna
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Discover the joy of woodworking with these 35 stunning and achievable projects. Learn how to make simple wooden objects to decorate and enhance your home and garden using basic tools that are readily available from all hardware shops, and a variety of paint techniques. Begin with a guide on working safely, selecting appropriate tools and designing using found objects and both reclaimed and new wood. Find out, too, about the types of paint and brushes you can use for different effects and finishes. The 35 projects include both practical and decorative items and will add a touch of charming style to every room of the house. Each project has a skill level, so you can start with an easier project, such as a flower key ring or wooden bunting, and then try using more advanced skills - why not make a tool box for all your woodworking kit, or a shelf for the bedroom? All the templates you'll need are also included. Traditionally seen as a male hobby, this book proves that woodworking is for everyone! Every project is illustrated with inspirational photography and beautiful step-by-step artworks and comes with clear, step-by-step instructions and artworks. Projects reuse the same basic techniques, so you'll soon grow in confidence and realize how many beautiful objects can be made with only simple tools.
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