Handprint and Make Your Own Bags - Softcover

Handprint and Make Your Own Bags - Softcover
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  • Manufacturer: Cico Books
From Cico Books
By McCabe, Jenny
In Bags, Purses & Totes
Learn how to make your own bags from fabric you have printed yourself with these 35 brilliant projects. If you've never printed fabric before, this book by from designer and maker Jenny McCabe will teach you all you need to know. There are two main techniques: block printing, where motifs are carved and constructed from materials such as foam and lino sheets, flat erasers, polystyrene tiles and even potatoes, and resist printing, which uses stencils and screens. More unusual techniques, such as photo transfers and cyanotype (using sun-sensitive paint), are also included. And once you have printed your fabric, learn how to stitch your own bag. These range from stylish purses to larger totes, and from children's bags to practical designs that will be endlessly useful. Each project comes with beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions for printing and sewing, and the know-how section will guide beginners, as well as provide a handy reference for experienced stitchers.
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