Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters - Hardcover

Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters - Hardcover
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  • Item #: IP668-011
  • Manufacturer: Interweave Press
From Interweave Press
By Kartus, Lisa
In Knitting
Dropped and twisted stitches, too-small button holes, and mis-crossed cables are only a few of the knitting dilemmas tackled in this humorous and useful guide. Beginners and seasoned knitters alike are promised that learning from mistakes improves technique and inspires personal style--and that sometimes the best solution is just to let a mistake stand. To head off problems before they start, the sturdy, spiral-bound book explains the correct way to cast on and bind off, decipher charts, choose fibers, calculate yardage, join yarns, work with multi-color designs, and--for more experienced knitters--how to alter a finished piece or customize a pattern.

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