Sonoran Borders - Softcover

Sonoran Borders - Softcover
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  • Manufacturer: Kansan City Star

When a granddaughter discovers a chest full of old handmade trinkets and letters in a dusty attic, she unlocks her grandmother's most precious memories traveling the rugged trail between Mexico and San Francisco as a child and a chance meeting with an injured girl who would become her lifelong friend. Sonoran Borders: Threads of Friendship follows the fictional journey of these two young girls, Feliciana and Emily, who met in the Sonoran Desert more than a century ago. Though their time together is brief, their friendship spans a lifetime through correspondence and a shared love of needlework. The tattered remnants of old keepsakes found in the attic come to life in the 21st Century at the hands of writer, stitcher and pattern designer Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett. Stitch along with the girls, recreating 11 projects, as their story unfolds.

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