Trip Around the World - Softcover

Trip Around the World - Softcover
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From Schiffer Publishing
By Anderson, H & Zaleski Weinraub, A
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Inspired by their work for the Centennial Olympic Games, Georgia s quiltmakers, under the auspices of the Georgia Quilt Project, have created vibrant 12 quilt blocks for 207 countries of the world. Meticulously researched by the artist-creators of the blocks, each block represents a distinctive aspect of the chosen country. As a body, these works of art capture the many kinds of blocks made by today s quiltmakers: pieced, every kind of appliqué, threadwork, embroidery, copious embellishments, and more. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the imaginations of the artists soar as each country is depicted in cloth. Beautifully photographed and accompanied by artist statements, this unique collection is not only a visual delight, but a testament to the enduring appeal of the chosen medium quilts.

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